Abrasives & Wire


Abrasive brushes have always been the best way to finish your metal product. Abrasive brushes are made with heat stabilized Nylon filaments. Generally, grit sizes range from 46 to 500 and are available in silicon carbide or aluminum oxide materials. These abrasives will effectively remove rust, scale and oxidation.

Silicon Carbide has very unique properties such as low density, high strength and hardness, low thermal expansion, excellent thermal shock resistance and superior chemical inertness. Common uses are cutting and de-burring.

Aluminum Oxide also has unique properties such as hardness and wear-resistant, resists strong acid and alkali attacks at elevated temperatures, good thermal conductivity and high in strength and stiffness. Common uses are polishing finished products and cleaning electronic circuitry.


Wire brushes have many uses in today’s market. Uses range from barbecue scrubbing to finishing grains in engineered hardwood. Common wires are available in steel, brass coated steel, stainless steel, brass and bronze.

Steel and Brass Coated Steel wire offers high fatigue and excellent cutting properties. Stainless Steel wire (302 grade) offers excellent high temperature and corrosion resistance. Brass and Bronze filament are generally used in non-sparking applications and work great for static removal and light polishing. Crimped wire filament ensures an even fill across the brush face.