Car Wash – Cloth & Filament

Car Washing

Car Wash brushes are manufactured with premium quality materials to meet the rigorous daily demands of the industry. We offer both soft cloth and soft filament materials for all makes and models of equipment.

Soft Cloth

We manufacture our own products to match original equipment specifications or custom manufacture to your exact specifications.

Our cloth is high density, thirty ounce, no fade cloth material that will provide exceptionally consistent color, durability, and long life.

The high density of our cloth means the small tightly compressed fibers will keep the dirt on the surface of the material which will allow the dirt to be easily washed off the cloth with existing spray nozzles.

These small fibers act like millions of tiny polishing fingers to provide the cleanest wash possible at a minimum rotational speed.

We also offer close tolerance aluminum cores and mounting flanges for replacement of worn or damaged product.

Soft Filament

Our material is manufactured specifically for car wash applications. The soft filament is deposited into precision filled strips and locked into the close tolerance aluminum extrusion cores to provide balanced brushes for all types manufacturers equipment.

Tire Brushes

AIB manufactures Straight and Stepped Tire brushes out of  Nylon and Polypropylene.  Our tire brushes are available in all styles and sizes to fit any wash system. We manufacture spindles, drives and idlers to exact tolerances for optimal balance at high rotational speeds.