Next Generation of Car Washing
AIB foam brushes are manufactured with a proprietary copolymer material to ensure long life and excellent washing and polishing characteristics for all car washing applications.
  • » A soft gentle washing and polishing action is achieved on all types of paint, clear coat and graphic finishes.

  • » Uniquely shaped fingers allow for the high tear strength and increased life for all types of car wash equipment.

  • » Proprietary materials inhibit mould growth even under the toughest conditions.

  • » Closed micro-cell foam virtually eliminates dirt from adhering to the surface of the foam.

  • » Lightweight and no water absorption means brushes stay balanced over there entire long life.

  • » Various densities of foam provide for different configurations on each vehicle surface.

  • » Rockers, Wraps and Top brush configurations are available.
Our engineers will design an individual brush for your equipment or a conversion of your O.E.M. equipment.
Toll Free: 1-888-AIB-RUSH (242-7874)