Conveyor Cleaning

Our Magnum conveyor cleaning brushes help solve maintenance and downtime problems by removing buildup and carryover on conveyor belts.

Spiral Coil

Designed for high speed applications that require constant brush pressure and contact for thorough cleaning. Excellent for removing dried, sticky or hard-caked accumulations. Available with various pitches of coils to configure the density of the brush to the cleaning application. Brushes are available as a coil only to be mounted on customer shaft, or as a complete assembly, core and coil, custom engineered to you exact application.

Parallel Strip

Straight brush strips are locked into an aluminum extrusion cores. The paddle wheel effect, creating a flicking action, allows the bush to conform to irregular surfaces. Open face design prevents loading of brush and self-cleaning operation. Available with natural, synthetic or wire fill materials. Aluminum cores from 3″ diameter thru 12″ diameter and outside brush diameter to 36″.

Stationary Strip

Metal backed brush strips are used where a power source is not available or where the area for installation is very restricted. Recommended for use in removing loose materials such as cereals, sugar, fertilizers, etc.