Double Band Coil Brushes
AIB’s Double Band Coil Brushes are manufactured with two steel bands- one outer notched band, and one inner flat band, these are locked together and roll formed into a channel for winding around a core.

These double band brushes are manufactured with all types of brush fill materials, synthetic, wire and abrasives to ensure excellent mechanical locking characteristics. The double band brush is engineered for superior strength and durability under the toughest of conditions.
  • » Outer band is stamped or die cut with teeth on the outside edges.

  • » Teeth are formed 90 degrees to the base and the brush fill material is deposited into the teeth.

  • » Inner band is placed over the fill material and the outer band teeth are formed down over the inner band, to secure and lock the material in place.

  • » The two bands are now roll formed into the finished channel that can be wound around the core to finish the manufacturing process.

  • » The entire roll forming and material filling process is computer controlled to ensure exact tolerances for the material density.

  • » For higher density brushes we recommend compression coiling which will increase the brush density by up to twenty percent.

  • » Applications include heavy duty mill roll brushes, coil finishing, and synthetic wood finishing.
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