Fruit & Vegetable – Foam

Fruit & Vegetable – Foam Brushes

Spider Foam Brushes are manufactured with premium quality materials to meet the specific demands of the food processing industry.

These foam brushes are manufactured with a proprietary co-polymer material to ensure long life and excellent washing, waxing and drying characteristics.

  • A gentle scrubbing, drying, and waxing action is achieved.
  • Proprietary material inhibits fungus and mold growth even under the toughest conditions.
  • Soft touch material virtually eliminates scratching or scaring on the surface of the fruit and vegetables.
  • Unique spider finger shape promotes product movement while providing superior cleaning action. Hi-Lo profiles available.
  • Various densities of foam provide unlimited options for washing different types of produce.
  • Configurations available for underneath shear fans and high pressure rinse systems.
  • Cores are re-usable, just peel the old Spiders off and slide the new foam refill Spiders on the existing core.

Brush cores are available in steel or stainless steel construction. Polyurethane drive bushings and ¾” or 1” steel drive hubs are available. These brushes are available to fit O.E.M specifications.