Machine Shop

Where you need high or low volume CNC or manual machining, We have the equipment and qualified personal to get the job done.

Re-Bristle Service

Send us your used, worn brushes. We will strip, inspect and repairs your cores. This will cut costs on your replacement brushes.

CAD Design Service

Our Engineers provide CAD services to help implement custom brushes and brush driven machinery to get your job done.

CNC Machining Services

AIB is pleased to announce that we are expanding our manufacturing capabilities. To our valued current customers and potential future customers we would like to offer the services of our CNC machine shop which specializes in CNC turning. We have the capability to deliver precision parts, carefully machined to exacting specifications.

Manufactured Components

AIB seeks to meet as many of the manufacturing needs of their customers as possible. Our services encompass the complete manufacturing of components per customer drawings and specifications. We are poised to handle small to large volumes… simple to complex components. We have certified outside sources for specialty processing operations in order that we can provide you with finished components. Our long term relationship with a wide variety of highly dependable vendors, allows us to offer a complete solution at very competitive prices to all of your manufacturing requirements.

Quality Assurance

Each manufacturing operation is subject to inspection before and during production of your components. Completed components are submitted to our quality assurance department for final inspection. Upon request, a report will be generated that includes a certificate of conformance and a copy of the dimensional inspection report. Customers are invited to send their drawings by fax, email their CAD files, or allow AIB engineers to design the part that’s right for you.

  • » Friendly, competent service
  • » Expert precision machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • » Finishing operations such as anodizing, heat treat, welding
  • » Design consultation and engineering
  • » Prototypes and production projects