Staple Set Brushes

Stapled set brush design offers more options than any other brush construction. The variety of tuft patterns, filament choices and core or block materials make the staple set brush a versatile tool. Our CNC brush machine technology and staff engineers allow us to design and manufacture a stapled set brush to meet virtually any application.

Stapled Set brushes are manufactured by securely stapling individual tufts or groups of filament into a plastic core. Cores are machined from plastic rod or blocks. The most common core materials are UHMW, polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. We have several sizes of extruded tubes available from stock.

The brush patterns are developed to obtain the correct brush density or brushing effect. Brush patterns including straight, staggered or offset, spiral including helical and herringbone. The brush core or block pattern is drilled with a specific hole size and filled by our CNC machine technology to ensure the highest quality manufacturing.

The final stage of manufacturing is trimming the brush to a consistent and uniform face.

The brush cores can be mounted on precision machine shafts designed to your specifications. We have a multiple of plastic, steel, stainless steel and zinc die cast end fittings to match our stock and custom made brush cores.