FLEX-PLUS… The Clean Machine

A synthetic co-polymer design specially for vehicle washing applications. Resists hazing and marking of windows. Its hollow X shaped section allows it to easily stand out straight and thoroughly clean the surface. Recommended for top edges, eaves and bottom rockers of your vehicle.

SOFT-FLEX… The Gentle Touch

A synthetic co-polymer design specially for window washing applications. Its hollow O shaped section will resist tangling mirrors, wiper arms and side antennas. Extremely soft, gentle wash action, with its smaller diameter will penetrate in and around extremities to thoroughly wash the vehicle surface. Resists scratching, windows, decals, logos and painted surfaces.

SUPER FLEX… Tuff Stuff

A synthetic co-polymer based on polyethylene resin construction. A tough and durable, solid X shaped material with excellent wear characteristics for heavy duty washing applications. Recommended for the lower rocker sections where heavy road build up is common.

ENGINEERED CONSTRUCTION… Maintenance Free Durability

We manufacture our own aluminum cores and mounting hardware to exact tolerances. We offer multiple densities of aluminum cores and mounting hardware required to fit all types of vehicle wash equipment.

We fill each aluminum core with precise amounts of filament to ensure balanced brushes for all applications, both drive-thru and gantry type roll-over systems.

Each brush is mounted with a minimum of four locking lugs to ensure thousands of trouble free washes with virtually no maintenance.

Flex-Plate Wash Brushes

Flex-Plate wash brushes provide a modular solution that makes changing your brushes faster, thus giving you a cost effective yet high quality solution for your commercial vehicle wash system.

Wash Flex-Plate brushes include soft polyethylene filament strands or square profiled foam strands in various densities to wash specific areas of a vehicle.  We can also provide a combination of material assembled in the same brush to give you the versatility of both materials in one Flex-Plate.

Flex-Plates wrap around your existing brush tube core and are installed with a stainless-steel pop rivet or self drill/tapping fastener. However, We can also manufacture new core assemblies in a variety of materials including stainless steel and aluminum. Flex-Plate brushes are the highest quality OEM replacements that meet the requirements for most North American and European wash equipment specifications.

Roof Mop Kits

AIB manufactures Roof Mop Kits for Bus, Transit and Truck wash systems.  Our kits are available in 3 styles:

  • Bolt-on
  • Rod Insert
  • Loop (for fitting over Pipe)

Our Roof Mops are cut to match any vehicle contour and AIB will custom cut and fabricate to match any OEM specification.